Enjoy the speed of online shopping without any uncertainty
Self-Checkout At Outlets and StoresNo more queues! Shop fasterSecure and SafeMultiple payment methods for your locality

You probably love online shopping for the speed, privacy, and anti-socialness it offers, but hate how it always seems to be a bit of a gamble. You have to worry about if your delivery services will deliver on time or if your chosen item is actually what it looked like on your screen.

Smart Checkout is designed to let you enjoy the speed of online shopping without any of the uncertainty it offers. It is an application that will help prevent long queues at stores and different retail outlets. Smart Checkout is a self-scan and self-cart-checkout process.

Smart checkout

Smart Checkout Features

Quick Scan

Scan barcodes in milliseconds. Complete checkout super quickly.

IOS and Android Compatible

Works with Apple and Android devices.

Interactive UI

Easy and straight forward process without any complexities.

Safe and Secure

Smart Checkout App requires password to access and transact. Your payment details are safe and cannot be accessed.

Pro-Social Distancing

No contact or communication with anyone is necessary. Stay distanced and safe.

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