The first of its kind global video/ audio chess platform.
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Unicodez presents “Meetchess”, the first of its kind, global video and audio chess platform. Meetchess offers a variety of services including allowing players to connect virtually. It is perfect for anyone with an interest in chess.

Share your pro skills, learn from better players, or test your skills against others. Meetchess is created to simplify and automate the chess training process. It is also the fastest-growing chess training platform.

Meetchess video/audio chess platform
Customized Coaching Chess Platform

Customized Coaching Platform

The Meetchess coaching platform is customized to the nines. We spared no feature in creating the best chess platform.
Tutors or coaches have a wide array of tools to help them connect with their students. The sub-coach allows the main coach to have multiple sub-coaches to assist in various areas of coaching.

Audio/Video Session

Meetchess is equipped with clear audio and high-resolution video sessions. Coaches can communicate easily with students through the chat or response section.

Audio/Video Session
Live chess board

Live Chess Board

The live chess board allows teaching and learning in real-time. Meetchess coaches can make use of video, audio, and live chessboard features to communicate complex tactics.


Meetchess platform has inbuilt and customizable quizzes, tournaments, SIMUL, and daily lessons or puzzles that coaches can assign at will. Coaches can also monitor, record, and assess students’ progress over periods.

Assessments in chess game


Meetchess’ database allows coaches to save records and scores which are entered into the student’s report. Coaches and students can also save or share tactics specifically tailored for each student. Students can share their tournament games with coaches for guidance.

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