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Who Are We?

We are a young software solutions company filled with creative and innovative ideas. We offer dynamic, flexible, and simple solutions to the most complex problems.

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Years of Development Expertise

Our 6 Guiding Beliefs



Honesty with ourselves, our craft, our community, and you, our client.

Building Business Equity

Building Business Equity

We’re invested in creating valuable and equitable business through strategic planning.

Honoring Our Word

Honoring Our Word

We do what we say we will- when we say we will. Our prices and terms are fixed and transparent.

Financial Integrity

Financial Integrity

Transparent financial reporting, record-keeping, and conservative forecasting.

Loyalty To Our People

Loyalty To Our People

We value, offer, and reward loyalty. We are dedicated to our team and to you.

Leadership From Within

Leadership From Within

We continuously support our team by providing leadership development.

Join The Winning Team

We explore some of the latest trends and strategies

We started small…

Unicodez was founded with three employees based in India and just a handful of local clients. Today, we have grown to service an ever-increasing number of clients worldwide. This journey has been challenging, rewarding, and humbling and each day teaches us something new. But we're excited to be here and are rewarded by the success stories of our clients.

Your wins are ours and we show this through our unwavering dedication to you and your business. Unicodez has matured into a full-service software development company. Our clients are spread out across a wide range of industries and nationalities.

We’re consistent…

Unicodez is honored to be a part of your business’s digital transformation. We believe in fulfilling due diligence and going above and beyond for our clients. Furthermore, we are consistent with our beliefs. You can count on us to give and maintain superb quality services.

We're growing even bigger…

Unicodez’s dream has started spreading over the United States. We aim to have a worldwide impact on entrepreneurs at various stages in their business journeys. We have a plan to change the business world and you, our customer, are a big part of it. What better time is there to collaborate with the winning team than now?

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Unicodez is a team of diverse software-development & global-IT professionals. We provide software consulting services and solutions for businesses and organizations all over the world.

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